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How can i get my medal?

Every devil who runs an INFERNO will receive a MEDAL.

A medal that is not so much taken for granted, but really sweated for, is of immense value!

Run like hell! 

I can't be there, can i have my money back?

Lucifer does not refund anything, anyone. Ever. Not even a coffee. 

In agreement with the Satanists, however, he allows you to Cede your ownership to another devil, or make a RACE CHANGE - passing your entry on to the next Inferno race.

All this can be done according to pre-established rules for timing and type of entry. To find out more write an e-mail to iscrizioni@infernorun.it

Event Cancellation due to an emergency

In the event of cancellation of the event due to an emergency, participants will be granted a free voucher to register for an event in the next 12 months or, if they choose, a refund of 100% of the amount paid net of payment processing fees on the platform used.

In any case, please remember to follow the instructions of the race management, the volunteers on the route and the good rules of behaviour, always helping others in an emergency. 

In these special eventualities the TELEGRAM Inferno channel will be active and official communications will be constantly updated on our social channels and on the infernorun.it website.

Where can I find the races ranking?

You can find all the races ranking of past years too on https://www.icron.it/

What I get back as volunteer?

Each Inferno Volunteer becomes for a day (or two) HELL STAFF. This is a real experience that will change your life. You will be able to see behind the scenes for yourself. You will help so that all this can be achieved, and above all thanks to all the Volunteers who help us and follow us at every edition!
We usually donate a New Registration, transferable, salable and movable in the INFERNO circuit for a new INFERNO race, which cannot however be the one in which you will do from Volunteers. In short, a FREE RACE for the next HELL, for you or whoever you want! Packed lunch for the day and an Inferno gadget all for you.
We are also tender sometimes, we know!

Where can I find the photos of the race?

We post photos for free on our socials (few)

Follow us!

We have partnered with GETPICA.COM through a facial recognition system you can always request your PICA code if you have participated in one of our events and be able to see and if you wish also purchase all your photos!

How can I volunteer for INFERNO?

To lend a hand (in fact it would take two!) at INFERNO it is necessary to fill out a Volunteer Form for each event and enter the necessary information for the Organization.

You will find the link to this form on every Inferno competition page on this website 

Thanks for your help, we will treasure every personal skill.

What is INFERNO?

INFERNO is the very first Italian Obstacle Course Race, born in 2014 under the wings of a group of friends who love this new sporting discipline. 

A course in nature that runs over various obstacles, natural and artificial, recalling the protagonists, places and events of Dante's Divine Comedy's circles.

Every year the INFERNO race is renewed with powerful devilry, which will test your courage and your spirit of enterprise... 

Commitment is required, fun is guaranteed!

A  new goal for your sports group, INFERNO includes runs of all formats from competitive racers to kids, from challenge lovers to groups of friends who want to try a unique experience.

Will be showers, cloakroom or bag drop available?

Yes, it will be possible to wash with water (maybe cold) at the end of the race, to be able to change in the Locker room and to keep your sports bag at the Luggage Exchange, at every trip. Usually for free!

where can i get my bib and swag?

Each event prepares a Registration Area, usually near the Inferno Village, where bibs and swag will be delivered.

Will the course open to public?

Sure! The public is welcome, will NOT be able to access the race course or obstacles, but will be able to enjoy all the epic fail and the great victories of the mudders in the race!

Can I run with my friends?

If you run in the OPEN HELL you definitely MUST do it!

If you are registered @ the INFERNO PRO adapted to the decisions of Lucifer, you will already have understood that they are unquestionable. You will have plenty of time after the race to be together and celebrate!

At what time is INFERNO?

Each race has its own programs, which you will receive in time by email provided at the time of registration. You will have access to the HELL GUIDE before each race, where you can find all the information needed to tackle the different locations of HELL.

What should I bring with me on race day?

- A valid identity document, where the photo is visible and recognizable.
- The documentation that you did not have in time to upload online (for any kind of desperate human case, there is always a wisely diabolical solution) eg. Medical certificate. In this case, come on time and bring the documents in a digital copy, because we will keep it at Registration Area for all sorts of checks and inspections. 
- Sturdy shoes for trail running, comfortable sportswear, a complete change.
- A lot of energy, the desire to have fun, a lot of determination to face a crazy race!
- Friends, family, whoever you want ... it will be fun!

Will the race be canceled if it rains?

No. Race is race day, rain or shine...

The rough conditions of the race course are the basis of this sporting discipline. Cold, heat, storm, pouring rain are the first challenge and the true daily bread of every self-respecting mudder.

Don't worry, if the sun shines, we promise that it will still be a real HELL!

do I have to upload my medical certification?

Yes. The medical certificate is MANDATORY and must be validated by the certified control devils. Until this has happened, we are forced to consider your registration confirmed, but not validated.

You have time to upload it until the online registration closes. This means that, at your own risk and danger, you can present yourself with the medical certificate to the tender field in Acceptance, but if it is deemed unsuitable / counterfeit / invalid you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THE RACE.

You should therefore load it in time and be sure of its validity, because otherwise the devils will inform you about what to do and you will have plenty of time to provide a valid document.

What can I do if I can't upload my medical certificate to the Reserved Area?

For a thousand devils, don't lose your mind!

First you can check the format of the file you are trying to upload: the upload is allowed for files smaller than 3MB. (Size matters) 

Reduce the size of the file you are trying to upload and you will see that this time the operation will be successful!

If you still can't solve the problem, contact iscrizioni@infernorun.it

can i change or choose my starting wave?

Remember that at INFERNO the starting bolges are created according to the most diabolical laws of Dante's retaliation.

As far as the PRO category is concerned, they are studied at Lucifero's table in person, according to the FIOCR regulations and classification, and variations on request are NOT allowed.

In the case of the OPEN category, the satanassi are more lenient and leave relative choice to the participants; however, it is necessary to organize in time and apply to iscrizioni@infernorun.it

The best strategy is to create a team with friends, to make sure you can leave at least all together! If not how the satanassi know that you are friends ...

Can i change something in my registration?

Yes, by accessing your Subscription Restricted Area.

Not all the registration data can be modified, in case you could not make changes you can write to iscrizioni@infernorun.it

can i move my ticket to a next INFERNO?

Yes, up to 15 days before the event it is always possible to move your registration to another Inferno competition. For the modalities and the costs write only and exclusively to iscrizioni@infernorun.it

Can I change the ownership of my registration?

Yes, up to 48 hours before the event it is always possible to change the ownership of your registration with that of another participant.

For the modalities and the costs write only and exclusively to iscrizioni@infernorun.it

Can I register on race day?

Yes, online registrations usually close few hours before the race, for organizational reasons.

But it is always possible to register on the spot the race day, clearly bringing with it the medical certificate suitable for the category in which it intends to compete and completing the release form.

Remember that a valid ID document is required.

what comes with the registration?

Registration includes access to the INFERNO race course with assigned bib number, INFERNO race pack (Event t-shirt, eventual sponsor gadgets) and refreshment during and at the end of the course.

Services such as timing, locker rooms, showers, bag storage and the Inferno Village are always present, full of sponsor stands and refreshment areas.

About 1 week before the race, for every mudder athlete will be available and downloadable in PDF on our website - the HELL GUIDE - with all the information on the event program, the PRO and OPEN starting points and all available services.

How can I register for INFERNO?

Follow the links that take you from the home page to the registration page, choose the distance you want to register for, fill in the data form on the online registration platform, make the payment... you're done! 

You will be able to upload documentation such as the medical certificate even after you have registered, if you encounter any problems you can write to iscrizioni@infernorun.it


Inferno Kids is a route designed specifically for little devils aged 2 to 12, who want to participate and have fun with obstacles suited to their age and motor skills.

Divided into categories for Age Group, they will all receive the Inferno Kids t-shirt, a silicone band and the accompaniment in the race by real athletes or parents.

Every year all the proceeds from this event are donated to our Charity Partners.

What does it mean to run the INFERNO in the PRO category?

Must have a valid Competitive Medical Certificate on the day of the race

The rules of the Italian Obstacle Course Race Federation Championship (time/brace) apply to this course, which you can find here 


Participating will allow you to rank and qualify for the Italian Cup, European and World Championships, you will fight for the title of King and Queen of the INFERNO SERIES, of the Regional and National Championships of the Italian Obstacle Course Race Federation.

Which categories can I run into?

INFERNO has 3 categories: 

-INFERNO PRO, which sees the time/bracket challenge of competitive athletes in the Italian or Interregional Championship of the Italian Obstacle Course Race Federation. 

-INFERNO OPEN, open to all mudders who would like to try their hand at the challenge, where team spirit and help among participants is essential. There will be no shortage of pure fun here!

-INFERNO KIDS, a course suitable for little devils from 2 to 12 years old because Lucifer really thinks of everyone and couldn't fail to create something for the little irrepressible devils. 

Usually the distances of the trails range from 12 km to 6 km to 3 km to 800 m for the little ones.

For more information write an e-mail to iscrizioni@infernorun.it

Did you not find what you were looking for? Contact us!

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