Inferno Series | Inferno - Run like hell

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Inferno Series

Inferno 2024

It's off to a truly hellish 2024!  

We are waiting for you for two INFERNO weekends:

a new location on Cattolica beach in May for Inferno Beach and lots and lots of mud for our Inferno Mud in October

04-05 MAY -> Inferno Beach CATTOLICA (RN)
Long 12 km 
Short 3 km 
Team 6 km 

Long 12 km 
Short 3 km 
Team 6 km - Italian FIOCR Championship to TEAM 2024 

Hurry up and register, until March you can buy several races in one go with the PASS INFERNO and save money!

-> you can buy the scheduled Inferno races at a very special price!

The entry to each single race obtained with the PASS INFERNO SERIES is strictly personal and is NOT transferable to third parties, it CANNOT be transferred to another INFERNO race of the year.

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