TOPO seeks the "straight way" to HELL | Inferno - Run like hell

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29 October 2019
TOPO seeks the "straight way" to HELL

The partnership between INFERNO and Topo Athletic is confirmed and strengthened. The US brand of natural and innovative shoes continues to run alongside the most diabolical race in Italy, rewarding the best devils of Inferno City. Come and discover his new models at the Idroscalo Inferno Water village in Milano

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Topo Athletic confirms the partnership with INFERNO

Once again it will be a common path that will take you to heaven ...

Topo Athletic presents itself at the gates of hell with a renewed range of shoes that promise satisfaction to every devil.

Terraventure 2

lightness and versatility for OCR and trail running by Topo Athletic

The popular model dedicated to the off-road race of Topo Athletic, the American brand founded in 2013 by Tony Post returns to Italy to open the 2019 collection with its most dynamic evolution, Terraventure 2.

From the first approach the shoe differs in its extreme versatility and flexibility thanks to the perfect combination between the lightness required in the race and the fundamental strength in the trail. The special patented shape, a distinctive feature of the brand, guarantees a very comfortable fit, which wraps the foot in the central area and in the heel area while ensuring ample space at the toes. In this way, muscle activation is promoted in the kinetic chain, the fingers having the possibility to lean and open naturally.

The 3 mm drop, with 25/22 mm height from the ground, makes the model fast and agile, encouraging a more stable and neutral support and an instinctive movement of the foot, together with the 2 density EVA injected midsole. The Vibram XS-Trek sole has deep and spaced ribs for better traction of the foot in the mud and a flexible rock plate in the forefoot, which gives it excellent ground sensitivity and additional protection against rocks and roots.

With a fully bellows tongue, the upper has a sturdy mesh with molded PU inserts and the drainage "gills" allow water release and quick internal drying. It has an Ortholite® antimicrobial and antibacterial footbed for lasting compressive strength. The exclusive accessory for the gaiter, for an easy and firm attachment, is compatible with the Topo gaiter, (optional and sold separately) in light and breathable stretch nylon, which helps to keep debris away.


Cushioning and grip on all off-road terrain.

Thanks to the excellent cushioning capacity, even on aggressive routes, Ultraventure has succeeded in establishing itself among thousands of models and winning the coveted "Editor’s Choice" award from Runner’s World magazine in the trail running category at the international Outdoor Retailer 2018.

In line with the Topo Athletic philosophy, fit and comfort are unique, able to encourage instinctive foot movement and help maximize performance. The special patented shape wraps it in the central area and in the heel area, but with plenty of space at the tip to give the fingers the chance to lean, open and promote muscle activation throughout the kinetic chain.

The model dedicated to the off-road race has a 5 mm drop, with a ground clearance of 30/25 mm, which allows a more stable and neutral support and movements at natural speeds. At the same time the EVA midsole injected with 3 different densities, softer next to the foot and more reactive on the bottom, guarantees a remarkable cushioning effect. Especially on technical tracks, then, the Vibram® XS Trek sole, with its wide and generously spaced fins, provides incredible grip and traction on all terrains, from snow to mud, combined with durability and protection.

The engineered mesh upper, with bellows tongue and reinforcement against abrasion, is designed to ensure breathability, resistance and maximum drainage through "gills" for water release and quick drying. The Ortholite® antimicrobial and antibacterial footbed resists compression for miles and miles. Ultraventure also offers the exclusive gaiter attachment, perfectly compatible with the Topo Athletic gaiter in stretch nylon.

It is possible to purchase each model on and in the specialized sales points indicated in the Store Locator section of the site.

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