Inferno Short 3 km | Inferno - Run like hell

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10 January 2022
Inferno Short 3 km

Sunday 13th March 2022 - Alpe Cimbra (TN) Inferno Snow

On the fresh snow of Alpe Cimbra, you can also try your hand at the long-awaited 3km SHORT race, which is part of the Short race circuit of the Italian FIOCR Championship.

A 3 km course on snow with 12 obstacles, open registration in the two categories PRO competitive and OPEN non-competitive. Qualifying race also for OCR European Championships in June 2022 in Val di Fiemme - 3 KM Short.

Inferno Snow Short completes the offer of a weekend full of devilry designed by Lucifero to spend two unforgettable days on the snow of Alpe Cimbra: Saturday 12th March the individual Inferno Snow race on an 8 km course; Sunday afternoon the Team race of three people always on the same course, both open in the PRO competitive and OPEN non-competitive categories.

1641850546 ser 0253
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