Race Regulation

This is the race regulation of the Inferno Series 2019, we wish you to read it carefully.

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The obstacles are present on the path to test you. The race is open to competitive and non-competitive participation.

Competitive Participants will start first in a group reserved for them and they will be equipped with a chip to detect the race time.

For the competitive participants, the obstacles must be overcome and not bypassed. If an obstacle is not passed or is circumvented, the test cannot be considered outdated and a bracelet will be cut away.

In case of "escape" it will be detected the number of the pectoral. The same principle applies in case of unfair, not sporting or unethical behavior.

Competitive athletes can neither give nor receive external help throughout the race, with the exclusion of medical assistance.

Among the athletes, incognito judges will run the race; they can report to the judge of an obstacle, or at the end of the race, any incorrect behavior and they can assign penalties too.

All participants will be equipped with a chronometric tracking chip.

The non-competitive participants will have to evaluate the obstacle and their ability to overcome it, before proceeding with the attempt to overcome the obstacle itself.

The route can not be cut and the athletes who will benefit from a cut in the course will be disqualified. An intertemporal electronic platform will serve to have this detection in real time.

The bib number must always be visible. If an athlete does not have his own visible bib number he can be stopped by the judge.

Each judge will have a marker to be able to write again the number on the athlete's body.

Athletes should not abandon along the way anything that they have brought with them including gels, food or anything else. The abandonment of waste along the path will lead to disqualification.

Every obstacle can be tried an infinite number of times.

Athletes who attempt an obstacle for the second time should not obstruct the athletes on their first try.

The left lane, where present, is reserved for athletes on their first attempt.

In case of failure, the competitor must try again positioning himself on the lanes, where present, on the right. Those who fail an obstacle will have to queue up behind them without claiming to try again immediately.

The fastest athletes will be able to ask for road and space to pass shouting "street" or "permission" or something like that.

For the correct overcoming of every obstacle, we refer to the Guide of the Italian OCR Championship, also published on

mudrun.it here http://www.mudrun.it/regole-per-gli-ostacoli/

The judge is a human being like you, it means that he can be wrong.

Sincerate with him/her that you have successfully overcome the obstacle. In the event of a dispute, the race rules and the Championship rules apply.

For competitive athletes only, the time limit is 90 minutes for men and 120 for women.

Ten minutes later the last competitor an athlete of the organization will start the race, with the function of brooming and he will run at 8 minutes of average per kilometer. The athletes reached by the broom will not be included in the ranking. The broom will cut the bracelets of the athletes he will meet on his way, whether or not he is involved in obstacles.

The arrival of the broom on the finish line will mark the end of the competitive race.

The race direction reserves the right to cancel the broom service and to define only a time limit of arrival at the finishing line. The race director reserves the right to modify the time limit if he deems it is necessary.

Competitive athletes attained by non-competitive athletes will have no priority in the row at the obstacles.

The athletes of the uncompetitive groups will not have any penalty in case of failure to overcome an obstacle.


There will be the JUDGES, the STAFF assigned to various tasks and the RACE DIRECTION. You can recognize them from their badges.

Volunteers are those who make your entertainment possible.

Listen to them and respect them, you will be heard and respected.

Listen to their instructions especially on the most difficult obstacles.


To protect your day there will be an equipped medical facility available, we hopelessly, for athletes and the audience.

In case of need or medical emergency the number to call is xxx xxxxxxxxx

In the event of a request for medical assistance, please communicate:




All competitive participants (men and women) will be equipped with 3 bracelets that will be fixed mandatory to the left wrist.

This operation should be performed in a dry place. In any way the bracelets should be applied wet. For further warranty, the bracelets should have to be insured with transparent or pinked adhesive tape. Pay attention during the application, not to wet the adhesive parts!

For the application of the timing chips, please remember the indexes attached to them!

Make sure that the chip is fixed to the shoe firmly and that it remains there for the whole the race. Remember the penalty: no classification!

Each athlete will be responsible for his personal control devices (bracelets and chips), the lack of one or more than these, cannot be contested in any way !

Athletes will have to stand on the starting line 15 minutes before the start of the first battery, due to chip and bracelets control and to assist the briefing of the race department.

During the race it is obligatory to show the pectoral clearly in the front! Your number must be clear written with a marker on your left arm and right leg as well.


The competition route will have to be fitted completely by following the path between the two straps, following the red flags or the streamers. Who exit the path route to shorten the track, should restart from the same point in which the accuracy has been taken.

All obstacles need to be overcomed. The athletes will attempt any obstacle so many times in need. If the athlete is not able to exceed any obstacle or refused to exceed them, the judge will cut a bracelet ( for competitives only) before getting him back up to the path by emerging the obstacle.

The first row on the left of all obstacles will always be reserved to the first attempt, in case of failure, the athlete may retry using the others lines, but no more the first on the left!

you can use the right row to the main one, in the case it is empty.

The athletes will have to queue up in single line for each lane to access the obstacle.

In case of failure of their attempt, the athlete will queue at the bottom of the row.

Rules, valid for all competitive athletes without exceptions:

immediately use the first and second lines if they are free

in the case of a second attempt, use only the second attempt lines

in the case of multiple attempts, use only the second attempt lines

if there is a queue, go back to the back row and wait for your turn

it is forbidden to touch the supports of the structure

unlimited number of attempts

in case of surrender, go to the judge, get the bracelet cut

The method of exceeding individual obstacles are indicated in the annex "obstacles" and it is present on the information board place at the office and / or at the information point of the race (INFERNO stand at the village).

We remember that for no reason the athlete can give or receive external help from other competitors in any obstacle, the penalty is the bracelet!


The obstacles are on the path to be overcome, they are in between from you and heaven.

Do not crowd the obstacles.

Do not exceed the number of athletes allowed on each obstacle that the judge and / or the person in charge of the obstacle will provide you.

Respect the indications of the staff and the judges along the way.

Stretch out a hand in case of need, it's worth it. (non competitive only)

Obstacles could be closed if, those responsible for the obstacle consider it appropriate for any reason, such as the safety of the athletes or the solidity of the obstacle. Respect their decision.

The decisions of the judges are indisputable.

Complaints must be presented on an approved form (ask the direction), within 48 hours from the publication of the classification accompanied by deposit of € 50,00 which will be returned only in case that the complaint is accepted by the race direction, as FIOCR regulation said.

If a copy of the 50,00 € payment is not received, this complaint can not in any way be taken into consideration.

The claim must be sent by email to the address [email protected] and to the address of the organizing company campionato@federazioneitalianaocr.it

For bank transfer: IBAN code IT03O0200802850000104535302 to FIOCR

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