Important recognition for the competitive section of INFERNO. Starts the collaboration with Strong Viking, Inferno will be the qualifying race for the finals of the OCR Series of the Dutch race with a prize money of over 10,000 euros

Strong Viking and INFERNO

two big names of OCR start their collaboration

INFERNO since 2015 has opened the door to the competitive OCR discipline to allow the most damn competitive souls to be able to measure with their peers with precise and mandatory rules on paths and obstacles.

Although the main purpose of the obstacles you find at INFERNO is and will always be to test yourself and your fears and above all to make you move away from the couch.

In Figline Valdarno there will be obstacles reserved for the competitive and reserved obstacles exclusively for non-competitive.
Fun and mud will be for everyone!

Strong Viking is one of the most beautiful European OCR with various stops in Central Europe and is able to gather every week thousands of participants on routes and obstacles decidedly compelling.

From a couple of years or so it started an internal championship (OCR SERIES) that with a prize money for each race and for the finals of over 10,000 euros is certainly of interest to many competitive athletes of all nations.

In 2017, Thibault Debusschere triumphed over athletes such as Lluis Barbe Llagostera (third), Tomáš Tvrdík, Grzegorz Szczechla, Thomas Buyle or Alexander Struijk or the Italians Marco Anelli and Stefano Colombo.

"We are therefore particularly proud to start this partnership that will allow Italian athletes to be able to measure themselves with the best athletes from all over Europe," says Technical Director Niccolò.

Already some Italians have raced and figured in the stages of last year after having raced and also participated in the Italian Championship.

This collaboration therefore recognizes and rewards the desire to grow of INFERNO and of the whole Italian OCR movement coordinated by the Italian OCR Federation.

The agreement foresees that the first three athletes (woman and man) of each INFERNO race are automatically qualified for the finals to be held in June 2019 (the exact date will be announced later).

This is already starting from the autumn stage of October 13 and 14 in Figline Valdarno, both the Saturday and Sunday races.

In addition, the first ten (women and men) of the INFERNO SERIES 2018 will also be qualified for the finals of June 2019.

For everyone

But not just for the competitive ones we thought, even those who want to try a Strong Viking can do it sparing.

Simply use the SVOR313 code at www.strongviking.com

for the registration connect to strongviking and enter the discount code!

We are waiting for you at INFERNO with new obstacles and a lot of fun1

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