The ASD ITALIAN SPORT LAB (the "Organization) is organizing the 4th edition of Inferno, foot race with obstacles. The event will take place May 6th, 2017 and there are two race: 14 km competitive and not competitive and 5 Km only non competitive, with the presence of natural and artificial obstacles, mixed terrain on paved and dirt road, open to all, men and women aged over 18 years, in possession of a valid medical certificate (see below specifications).

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The total length of the route is about 8km. The route will include the barriers between natural and artificial. The map will be published on the official route site. In addition to the dexterity, skill in climbing, jumping, swimming, it will be essential also the running speed to complete the competition. The track can also include crossing ditches, woods, rough terrain, with woods, trunks or roots, wires or cords, debris or surface rocks. The risk of tripping and falling is constant. The Organization wishes to highlight that during the overcoming of obstacles, as well as all over the race track, they can cause injury and / or accidents. Moreover, the dangers may be caused by falls of participants involving other competitors. We recommend, therefore, to adjust your gait to the terrain, the visibility conditions, the type of hurdle and crowding of the travel path.

Because of the number of participants, the visibility of the ground of race is not always assured. In this case, it is forbidden to participants (mudder) to continue at maximum speed. And 'required to reduce the speed to adapt to the terrain and to the visibility conditions. Approaching every obstacle the participant must pay close attention to the information boards present and the instructions of the staff running the obstacle. Detailed information on the course and its obstacles will be available on the official website of the event.


The obstacles are in the path to test participants. The race is open to competitive and non-competitive participation.

The manner in racing Participants will leave for the first in a group reserved for them and will be equipped with a chip for detecting the travel time.

For participants for running in competitive manner obstacles need to be overcome and not bypassed. If an obstacle is not passed or is bypassed the test can not be considered to be positive and you will have a penalty on their own time. The same principle applies in the case of unfair behavior or unsportsmanlike or unethical.

Participants in the non-competitive race will be equipped with chips that lap, but the race will not be competitive. CES attendees not competitive will have to assess the obstacle and its ability to overcome before proceeding to attempt to overcome the obstacle itself.

The organization adheres to the ethical charter of the sport of Tuscany Region that promotes fair play and mutual aid. The staff of the Organization will monitor the path and obstacles, so check that the race continues smoothly and within the rules. In case of non-regulation behavior of workers can report the number bib to the organization and the competitor, while concluding the test, it will be disqualified. The path and the obstacles are designed in such a way as to minimize the wait in front of each obstacle. However, in case of waiting, the Organization expects every mudder behave fairly and politely. Recall that the HELL is an obstacle course and dangerous, and the participants Mudders Security is the top priority of the organization, for this may result in waiting time to longer than expected obstacles.

The organization reserves the right to change the route or close individual hurdles at any time. Each participant is required and encouraged to behave in a fair and sporting, such as helping others mudder overcome obstacles. The Mudder help each other and only the loyal mudder are true Mudder!


The event is open to all those who at the day of the race are 18 years old, men women, of all nationalities.

For participation in the competitive race is required medical certificate each for competitive B1 activities, valid to 6 may 2017. For Italians athletes is required to deliver a copy of the medical certificate valid at the withdrawal of the chest or according to electronic modes are available on the race website. The accepted medical certificates are those who respond to B1 model. participation will be allowed only to those who present the FIDAL membership card or other body to promote sports, not accompanied by a medical certificate. Foreign athletes will have to be filled in, stamped and signed by a medical certificate made available by the organization on the site

For the non-competitive race the basic requirement is the presentation doctor delcertificato for non competitive sports activities at the time of withdrawal of the chest or at the time of enrollment.

The Organization reserves the right not to accept a medical certificate is illegible or unclear and therefore does not allow the participation in the competition. Upon registration, on, anyone wishing to participate in the HELL will sign the knowledge and acceptance of these rules and the relevant declarations, as per sections set out below:

"DECLARATION: I, the undersigned, with appropriate signature below this, aware of the penalties applicable in case of false statements and false documents (art. 26 l. 15/68 and art. 489 cp) declare: that he bed and consequently to know, accept and respect the "Regulation" HELL "2017"; be aware that participation in this type of sporting event is potentially a risky if you are not adequately prepared and in suitable physical condition; to be trained and in good physical shape, knowing that to register you must be in possession of a medical certificate of good health (for non competitive sport or recreational physical activity) valid and be 18 years before the date of ' event; to enroll voluntarily and assume all risk arising from my participation in this event falls, contacts with vehicles, other participants, spectators or otherwise, any weather conditions including extreme heat, cold and / or humid, traffic and conditions of road, natural and artificial obstacles placed on the path, each type of risk well known and evaluated by me. Being aware of this, considering the acceptance of my registration, I, for myself and on behalf of anyone else, release and discharge the ASD Sport Lab Italian organization that organizes "HELL" 2017, CSEN, UISP , local municipal administrations concerned by the switch of the event, sponsors and event partners, the respective representatives, successors, officers, directors, members, agents and employees of the Company mentioned above, all the technical partners, by all present and future claims or liability of any kind, known or unknown, deriving from my participation in the event. Upon acceptance of your registration to "HELL" 2017, the participation fee is not refundable, even in case of cancellation. I grant my permission to all these entities to use photographs, tapes, videos, images on web site and anything relating to my participation in the event for any legitimate use without remuneration. "


according to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 ( "Code regarding the protection of personal data"), we inform:

1) that the data contained in the registration form are required to register, to prepare the list of participants, the drafting of the order of arrival, the historical archive, to fulfill the services detailed in the Regulation and to send information material to "HELL" and that the data contained in this model are required for enrollment in "HELL";

2) that the consequences of failure to provide data or information referred to above shall include in non-admission to the event.

3) With your consent, your personal data reported in the context of personal data may be disclosed to other companies and used to contact you and send you commercial information and / or promotion of products and services and perform statistical analysis, studies and market research. The updated list of companies that may be disclosed his data is available to him at the Data Controller. In this case these companies will contact you as Holders of autonomous initiatives, for market research or to send commercial information and / or promotional offers of products and services. Your data will be treated in compliance with the safety measures required by law, with or without the help of electronic means. the rights (Art. 7 196/03). At any time, the interested party can access, modify, delete your data free of charge by writing to the controller of the personal data at ASD Italian Sport Lab. I consent to the communication of my data for me to receive scientific and commercial information, free samples, discount coupons or to be contacted by opinion polls.


By subscribing to "HELL" 2017, the athlete authorizes the ASD ITALIAN SPORT LAB to resume with television media, film, photographic or other means, the image of myself in the course of their participation in the "Inferno" and confirm this statement that authorization, recognizing ASD Italian Sports Lab as wide right, but not obligation, to record, reproduce, print, publish it, project it and spread it, and still use it by any means now known or to be invented in future, with no time limits or of any kind, all over the world and to sell them to third parties for promotional and / or advertising purposes. The athlete also declares not to have any claims by ASD ITALIAN SPORT LAB and / or his assignees and / or successors in title, and in general from anyone who uses and exploits his image, being satisfied by the opportunity every claim Athlete to take part in the sporting event.


The registration fees are designed using the principle of "first come first served" ( "first come, best price"). Basically the first recordings benefit from preferential treatment compared to those who register last. Below the entry minimum required contributions.


  • € 50,00 till january 6th 2017
  • € 55,00 till january 31st 2017
  • € 60,00 till february 28th 2017
  • € 65,00 till march 31st 2017
  • € 70,00 till april 30th 2017
  • € 75,00 from may 1st 2017


  • € 40,00 till january 6th 2017
  • € 45,00 till january 31st 2017
  • € 50,00 till february 28th 2017
  • € 55,00 till march 31st 2017
  • € 60,00 till april 30th 2017
  • € 65,00 from may 1st 2017
In case of a same time registration of 4 people or more a 5€ discount will be automatically appliedNON COMPETITIVE RACE SINGLE Mudder 5Km:

NB no additional discount for group registration

  • € 25,00 till january 6th 2017
  • € 30,00 till january 31st 2017
  • € 35,00 till february 28th 2017
  • € 40,00 till march 31st 2017
  • € 45,00 till april 30th 2017
  • € 50,00 from may 1st 2017

The registration fee includes:

Timing service with microchips

official shirt HELL;

bags storage service;

showers service;


giveaways from partners;

The registration procedures will be announced on the official website of event, the data requested are necessary as well as the acceptance of privacy and settlement and payment in the manner provided in the tuition fee.

The maximum total number of participants for the 2017 edition is equal to 4000.

Entries can only be made online on site and the accepted payment methods are published on the same site.

The Organization reserves the right to close or reopen register for the event at any time deemed appropriate and in any case informing the site.

The registration will not be canceled nor refunded for any reason.


The Organization and its partners comply with environmental sustainability in all aspects of their business. For this, all participants and persons involved in the event are required to protect the environment. Compliance with legal regulations related to the environmental sector is an essential condition to be able to attend the event. This concerns mainly waste management, soil conservation, water conservation and pollution control. They will be set up specific containers for separate waste collection and all participants are from now invited to actively participate in recycling. It will also set up a service of the shoe collection.


The race numbers and start bags can be collected at the Village HELL on race day or in other ways that will be communicated. The village will open the event in the morning from 8:00 to 12:00. The numbers can also be collected from third parties with written authorization and a photocopy of an identity document valid. The race number is strictly personal, it can not be tampered with and is not transferable to anyone.


Participants in the race will be equipped with a chip for the detection of their race time, on the basis of the measured time will be drafted an order of arrival. Time measurement and processing of incoming orders will be carried out by an electronic system, and the failure to return the transponder chip will result in a charge to the participant.

The time limit is 2 hours, after this time the organization will not guarantee complete security of the race and will not continue timing. Each mudder that he could not abide by this restriction will be recorded as "NOT Completed" in the results list. In any case, the race can be completed by all mudder that will cross the Arrival Zone within the hours 16:30.


Changing rooms, storage bags and showers are available to participants near the arrival / departure. The showers service will be subject to waiting times depending on the number of participants, in which case we recommend a proper and civilized behavior while waiting. The Organization assumes no responsibility for personal items stored or forgotten in these environments or for theft or damage


The start of the HELL is scheduled for 11:00 am, with meeting in the area starting from 10.30. The starting numbers are assigned automatically according to the sequence of registration.

The athletes participating in the competitive race will start first, in one or more tranches (infernal) depending on their total number. The evaluation of the number of brackets (infernal) will be decided by the race organization based on the number of participants, the obstacles and racing safety. The organization reserves the right to also manage the departure of the non-competitive race in stages (infernal) if you so wished for the safety of the participants and to avoid queues at the obstacles. The organization reserves the right to change the starting procedure to improve the fluidity of the race. In this case the changes will be communicated in due time.


The athlete has to stay informed on the details of the event that will be announced on the website of the event itself.

The member is responsible for the ownership and custody of their bib number, acquiring the right to use all the services mentioned in this Regulation and / or subsequently communicated.

a) Any person who, without regular membership, participate without breastplate, in addition to being held liable for damage to persons or property, including himself, will incur disciplinary measures of competence of the federal bodies and may be liable for criminal sanctions for the crime of " theft "(art. 624 cp).

b) Any person who, without regular membership, participate with a counterfeit bib or otherwise not in accordance allocation, in addition to being responsible as mentioned above, incur the sporting sanctions and, in addition, will be liable to the penal sanctions provided for the "theft offense "(art. 624 cp), or, alternatively, for the crime of fraud (art. 640 cp). In cases a) and b) participants may be subject to the penalties provided for the crime of "failure to comply with the Authority measures" (art. 650 C.P.). The above case will be seen only after verification of photographic documentation and / or video.


They will be awarded prizes in kind to the first 3 men and first 3 women of the competitive race

For the non-competitive race there will be prizes for the top finishers and prizes at the discretion of the organization that will be announced on the race site (eg for the best costumes, the most numerous group, the mudder that comes from far away, ...), also all participants who finish the course will have fame, glory and the satisfaction of having completed the race.

The awards ceremony will take place at approximately 16.00 at the finish area. The final results and the arrival of alphabetical order will be published after the end of the race on the official website. All mudder can download and print your certificate of participation on the competition website.


The organization will guarantee an appropriate service on the route and the starting and ending point. Ambulances, first aid facilities and paramedical services, placed at strategic points on the course, will provide the appropriate medical service to all participants. Doctors and paramedics are authorized to prohibit the continuation of the race to mudder injured or too tired, in order to ensure their own safety.


The event will take place with any weather condition, without prejudice to the right of the Organization to suspend the tender for issues related to the safety of participants or public order.

The organization reserves the right to cancel the event and modify these rules at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race.

Any changes to services, venues and timetables will be communicated to mudder enrolled and will be reported on the website In addition, the documentation containing the information required for taking part in the race will be handed out alongside the bib.

Sports and Technical Organization Information


Registered Office Via Pagini 18, 50134 (FI)