Frequently Asked Questions

What' the Inferno Run? Is it dangerous?

Inferno Run is a race that takes place on a route mainly along dirt roads. The particularity of this event is the presence of obstacles to overcome. The obstacles can be natural or artificial. The race itself is not dangerous: every Mudder has to followthe rules given by the organization in order to avoid accidents. We are sure that everyone will be animated by the right attitude towards the run and the others. We shall have fun running together.

I am fit enough? Can everybody partecipatel?

The race is open to all those, men or women, aged 18 years old and are in possession of a valid medical certificate for non competitive sports activities and attesting your good health. You should be properly trained, though. Do not forget that it is still in the 14km race. Before departure, it will be offered a warm-up We always recommend to maintain an active lifestyle and a proper nutrition.

I can run on the course, before the race, to try it?

The route will be opened only at the start of the race. It is not only a competitive race, the beauty is just to be amazed by the location and by the obstacles on the tracks.

What obstacles are there?
You'll find it out just running Inferno Run, there are no limits to our imagination!

They are allowed viewers?
Of course, the more the merrier!

Where can I park?
We guarantee equipped areas for parking both inside the Cenaia park (fee) immediately outside.

How can I get from Pisa airport to Tenuta Torre a Cenaia?
There will be FREE shuttles from Pisa airport to Tenuta Torre a Cenaia. If you arrive from Florence, you can use Autostradale service for only 5 € (http://www.autostradale.it/airports/7/45/)

Non-competitive race: There will be a ranking for based on individual days? There will timekeeping?
The Mudders will be equipped with disposable timing system. The times will be published on the site but will not be drawn any ranking. We participate in the competition to have fun, to overcome our limitations and not to arrive before others.

Competitive race: There will be a ranking for based on individual days? There will timekeeping?
Yes, of course.

What advantages do I have to run the competitive race?

Priority out in a single tranche. Moreover you'll have the chance to qualify for the European and World Championships (more info on https://federazioneitalianaocr.it/tag/mud-run/)

What about Penalties?
Only for athletes running the competitive round there will be a strict penalty system which will be applied with skill by the federation certified judges. We are in favor of sportiness, so if the judge stops you, make sure to answer the appropriate way.

I have a discount if I register together with my friends?
"Diavolo a 4" : create a team of at least 4 participants, and save money! 4 friends and one machine, guaranteed savings and health for the environment!

Can I get a refund of the fee if I cannot attend the race?

Regulation says that registration fee cannot be refunded in case of non-participation.

Can you replace a participant who cannot be present?

It may be possible in exceptional cases. Send an email to [email protected], talk gently and remember: no changes will be permitted within the two weeks prior to the race.

Do I have to bring a certificate?
Yes, absolutely. If you run as non-competitive you will only need a standard certificate, if you participate in the competitive round we'll need you to present a certificate for competitive activity. The certificates must be valid at the time of the race.

Shall I bring something else?
Yes, bring a signed printed waiver and print the registration confirmation.

Minors can participate?
No, unfortunately not.

Which is the maximum age for my child to run the baby Inferno?
Up to 11 years.

Is there a race package?
We'll give you the shirt and discounts sponsors. Refreshments along the way and ... you find out for yourself!

What kind of clothing should I adopt for the race?

Recommend technical clothing, lightweight (cotton is not indicated), shoes that are able to take hold on the dirt path and enable it to not slip.

in case of bad weather, the race is canceled? The race will be held in all weather conditions, in case of rain there will be more mud for everyone!

Photos: where can I find them?
After the race, within reasonable time for us to receive the material and publish it, you will find photos on our Facebook page. Free, for everyone. If you are a photographer send us your shots and you we will be forever grateful!

Any medal?
We are the original ... no medals. We are famous for our gaudy bracelets!

Who can I contact in case of emergency?
Refer only to the organization. For questions and information contact us via our Facebook page or [email protected]. Don't panic: it might take a few hours to answer you, but everything will be fine!