Inferno Kids (FI)

Even your children will run to hell. On October 14nd there will also be room for your kids in Inferno Run occasion for all children aged 3 to 12 years (indicative age) who will get the chance to try themselves in the INFERNO KIDS.

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In 2015 the Inferno Kids was attended by over 350 kids forcing those poor devils of the organizers to repeat the experience for 2018.

To be honest as the first edition were the sons of some of the organizers who have forced their parents with a devilish behavoiur to organize something for them . Some of you would be able to deny their children anything ? We do not.

Participation in the Inferno Kids means allow your children to live the right size of the great infernal race . There are bales of hay, mud ,planks balance ,ropes, rubber bands, running and jumping that will be awarded to an official shirt, a medal and a large number of awards .

Do not dress your children as if he was taking the first communion or marriage of the aunt.

Wear them as you would do, bring a complete change (or two ) a towel and slippers to make them a shower (cold). Dont yell after them if they get dirty with grass or we will make one more lap for you at Inferno. And you won't like it.

The subscription to Inferno Kids is required and you can complete the procedures in this link . 

We ask for a contribution of € 15 for each child.

The Inferno Kids will run from 9 up to about 10.30. These times are approximate , we're not in paradise doing prissy.

You'll have as parents sign a release like this , you can download it, print it and sign it or you will find printed on race day.

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