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Nothing burns like ice

Ski area ConcaPrato Nevoso

18 January 2020






75 €

Price change the day of the race


NON competitive

60 €

Price Change the day of the race

Price Change the day of the race


The path: 7km entirely on the snow, the obstacles will be about twenty and many will have snow as the main protagonist

Departure: The first PRO battery starts at 10AM - The batteries will be from ten (10) participants and will be mixed, leaving every 3-5 minutes depending on the total number of participants
OPEN batteries will start at 11AM with batteries between 15 and 20 participants

Who for: open to women and men aged 13 and over

How: you run dressed up as you want, there will be prizes for the best costumes!

! Due to the width of the route and the maximum enjoyment of the race, the batteries have been reduced to a minimum and will have a maximum capacity of 50 participants - This applies to both PRO and OPEN categories

The obstacles will have three or four lines

The same rules as for the Italian OCR Championship apply, even if this race is not valid for the Italian Championship nor as a qualification for Europeans

Inferno Snow is valid as a qualification for the OCR World Championships and for the final of STRONG VIKING OCR SERIES

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!


Prato Nevoso is a ski resort in the splendid setting of the Maritime Alps

Located at 1500 meters above sea level in the municipality of Frabosa Sottana in the province of Cuneo, it is easily accessible thanks to its optimal position that allows it to be reached, in little more than an hour's drive, from the main capitals of Piemonte and Liguria

Sweet slopes and open slopes make Prato Nevoso the ideal ski resort for children and adults


The following services are available to all

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