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Safety protocol adopted for the Inferno event

Below is a report describing the guidelines to which the organisation refers for the holding of Inferno 2022. It will list the measures taken in agreement with the Government, Local Authorities, location and Sports Promotion Bodies and CONI.

Below is a report describing the guidelines the organisation refers to for the conduct of Inferno.

It will list the measures taken to minimise risks and promote the safety of all participants in the race in every role, in agreement with the municipality, location and CONI sports promotion bodies.

No event may however be held without

  • compliance with general regulations (laws and regulations of the Italian State or territorial institutions);
  • coordination of activities on the territory with the relevant authorities (Government, Prefect, Municipalities or other territorial institutions).

As a preamble, there are some very simple rules, which, if respected by everyone, will certainly favour the success of the event:

#WeAreBack - Let's run again

GREENPASS not required for athlete

Updated according to DL 1 of 7 January 2022 updated to 11 January 2022.

Following the publication and categorisation of the OCR discipline by EPS and ASI specifically as an individual outdoor sporting activity GreenPass is NOT required for participation in running as an athlete.

For access to facilities such as changing rooms and showers a GreenPass Reinforced is required.

Further details and references available on the official website Department for Sport - FAQ (

Summary tables available at tabella_attivita_consentite.pdf (


We are coming back to run over all obstacles, all we have to do more than in previous years is to maintain social distancing in all zones and until the end of the event. 

You will find a spaced-out check-in line, you will be able to pick up your race pack independently after checking in at the check-in desk.


We have decided to divide the starts into small groups of about 20 people, about 1.5 metres apart, every 3/5 minutes, so that we can maintain the social distance between participants (it will be possible to throw your mask within 100 metres of the start in special bins).

You can choose your start time in your registration form, or contact us directly by email.

Remember that the heats follow a precise timetable, so come to the start WITH YOUR MASK 10 minutes before at the warm-up area. 

Be punctual, you will respect everyone's safety. 

The pre-race warm-up must be done alone. There will be special areas for the entrance to the starting cages where you can warm up to the music.


Your temperature will be measured before you enter the village and you will be registered.


It is ALWAYS necessary to wear a personal protection mask from your arrival at the car park, during the check-in and until your departure. You will find all Inferno staff, volunteers and race judges wearing masks throughout the event.


You will find sanitising gel stations on your arrival at reception. You will find two hand sanitising gel stations on the race course at each obstacle.


This is going to be a special edition, we are all very eager to run over every obstacle again. Follow carefully the instructions of the staff, who will always be at your disposal 


During registration you will be asked to upload online the compulsory medical certificate for the PRO category and the non-competitive one for the OPEN category. 

It will not be possible to deliver a hard copy at the check-in, so make sure you upload it online during your registration. If you have problems with the upload you can contact us by email. 

You will have to read the privacy and image rights clauses as for each edition, plus you will also have to accept a self-declaration CV-19). 

You will find all these forms to view and digitally sign within your registration.


During and after the race, do not throw any rubbish or even your mask on the ground. Do not throw plastic wrappers or bottles on the ground! You can use the waste bins provided. Severe sanctions will be applied to those caught in such inconsiderate acts, up to and including disqualification from the race.

It will indeed be necessary for all participants to commit themselves to the proper conduct of the race, so as to respect others and the safety of all.


It will not be possible to let the public into the competition field.

It will be possible to request a sports escort form for personal trainers, coaches and sports staff of teams and individual athletes, to which the Covid-19 self-declaration must be attached.

Access to the competition field is reserved only for athletes and any accompanying persons, volunteers and staff of the organisation, with all the certifications and releases. 


There will be sealed refreshment portions to be taken independently at the end of the race. The water point in the middle of the route will only provide sealed bottles of water to be taken independently. 

The following protocol may be updated during the course according to the latest regulations - Upgrade 6 August 2020

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