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02 July 2021
news for the Fall\winter collection

News for the fall winter collection

Hello Diavol *

this hot summer does not stop our boiling spirits or the flames of Hell that are always cooking something for you.
Let's see what is cooking in the forge (SIC) of Beelzebub ...

After the snows of Alpe Cimbra and the unevenness of Prato Nevoso, we return for the final stage of INFERNO SERIES in Norcenni.
A weekend that promises to be scary and sensational in the news!

INFERNO SPRINT: diabolical 400m
Sprint races are the novelty of the season and we didn't want to be outdone.
INFERNO SPRINT is a 400m OCR with about 12 obstacles. The rules are those of the Sprint League circuit (link) or three attempts for each obstacle and penalty in time for the obstacles not overcome.
It will be sensational because it is placed on the last 400 meters of INFERNO MUD, to which we will obviously add some obstacles here and there. In perfect 2021 style, it will also be a bit uphill ... Registration starting from € 10 throughout July!
You can participate from 12 years

INFERNO TEAM: 7km of team!
We have seen it in this pandemic, together we can do it. So also in view of the European Championships we present INFERNO TEAM, a race open to OPEN and PRO where the three-member teams will start and arrive together (within 60 ”) facing together the special obstacles, which will not be overcome alone. So not a relay, but a race to be done as a team, like a real team that helps each other to overcome any difficulty.

Teams can have every possible and imaginable sexual composition, we are open to every possibility and it will be Lucifer who will adapt the rankings accordingly.
It will be possible to change a team member throughout September.
The route will be that of the INFERNO SHORT (about 6/7 km).

INFERNO SHORT: 7km only for OPEN
Does 12km give you thought? Didn't you train? Are short rides your specialty? Here is the solution, don't worry, there is the Short for you and your friends!

This distance is dedicated to the restart and to those who want to start again without worries or worries. Only for OPEN, completely designed for those who run to feel good, do better and test themselves with the diabolical obstacles. On the course of about 6 \ 7km you will find an adequate number of obstacles that will put you to the test.
You can try the obstacles as many times as you want, you can also avoid them if they worry you, we are waiting for you on arrival with a big smile.

You will also be able to help you overcome any obstacles with friends and other participants (this aspect may vary depending on the covid regulations in force at the time of the race).

INFERNO KIDS: our greatest joy
If the regulations and the epidemiological and sanitary situation allow it, INFERNO KIDS will also return on Saturday for our little devils and she-devils from 3 to 12 years old, accompanied by their parents. It is a NON-COMPETITIVE race that will remain etched in the dreams of your offspring for a long time. On the course and on the obstacles we will ask as usual the presence of the athletes and teams participating in the FIOCR Championship, so that for one day they can become children again and help small obstacle runners to grow. Times and costs to be defined. The proceeds, or every single euro of the registration so far and in all these years since 2015, has always gone to charity. We will not disappoint you this time either. We had to go to Hell!

'For me you go to the sore city,
for me the eternal pain goes away,
for me you go among the lost people.

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