Design your own obstacle with 9diDANTE | Inferno - Run like hell

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14 July 2021
Design your own obstacle with 9diDANTE

Your own obstacle is up to you

With 9diDANTE all'INFERNO even the third time is an obstacle

The concept of third time in rugby is clear, after having fought with all their strength and having given everything on the pitch we can relax and laugh together over a glass of beer.
Now take everything to HELL and replace the beer with 9diDANTE Vermouth.
Now you are ready to have the vision of a hellish, diabolical and innovative obstacle that deserves a nice reward to be shared.

So here's the contest, draw your obstacle, with 9diDANTE.
Instructions, open a bottle of Vermouth maybe after an intense workout and pour a little wine to open your mind. Read the card you find on this page and start creating.

Dedicated to sporting and creative souls, the challenge open to all is the creation of a hellish obstacle for the next Inferno Mud!
A quality jury will select the best projects: one or more projects can be sent, whether it is a freehand drawing, a sketch, a three-dimensional rendering, a video, links, photos, images and descriptions of the obstacle. It is possible to differentiate the obstacle into competitive and non-competitive: as long as it is feasible!

The evaluation criteria:

adherence to the spirit of Dante's infernal setting
adherence to the concepts of the 9 circles of 9diDANTE, of the 27 herbs and of his infernal spirit (link file)
Completeness of the project (drawings, safety, costs, construction times ...)
"UAU" effect: novelty effect of the obstacle (the devil always surprises)
Difficulty \ ease of implementation (beautiful, but not impossible!)

And remember: you draw it and you pass it, you will participate in your own Hell!

TIMES: You have until August 31, 2021 to propose your obstacle to

WHAT DO YOU WIN? Tickets for Inferno and - if you are the winner - a case of 9diDANTE vermouth

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